Aircraft is costly machine that make life easy and interesting.  In case you are an aircraft owner, and you cannot remember when you last had your aircraft appraised, you should consider getting an appraisal.   Having a third party opinion is paramount when you are looking for your aircraft's insurance policy, when selling the aircraft, and when you are refinancing a loan.

During aircraft appraisal, a third party who is an expert will look at the plane to gauge the aircraft values.   After determining the value of the aircraft, the appraiser will represent a written report that details the aircraft value.  In the report, the professionals will explain why they gave the aircraft the cited value.   Once the report is ready, it can be useful by lenders, buyers, and sellers.  It is important for every aircraft owner to have an aircraft appraisal report.  When evaluating the value of a plane, you need to have a report that is unbiased and independent.

 You can get the opinion about the value of your aircraft from anyone.   It is, however, important to get a report from an appraiser who is certified.   Lenders and buyers may require having an aircraft appraisal for some reasons. First, buyers will need the appraisals after they buy a new private jet and require obtaining an insurance policy.  You cannot shop for policies before you know the value of your plane.  You may find that the value of the jet is different from the amount you paid for.   If you desire to buy a fleet of planes for the company, you want to know the value of the planes before you buy.

 Many loan lenders will not approve your loan before they look at the helicopter appraisal report.  Some people wonder why they cannot Google the value of their planes.  It is paramount to appreciate that the value of two planes may be different even though they seem identical.  Also, the aircraft may have a different value from the one estimated online.   It is only through the appraisal of an aircraft that you can ascertain how much your plane is worth.

 Having a good relationship with your appraiser is paramount even though the professional should be someone who can offer you an unbiased report.   You should not assume that the appraiser knows the reason you need the report; let him or her know.

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